First of all, I am a follower of Jesus. I am the blessed wife of THE Prince Charming! Our love story is credited to God alone. He is the only one that could have brought us together the way it happened! We have six beautiful children ages 12,9,6,4,2,1, and we have purposed to leave the number of children we have in His hands. We are a home-schooling family, and we treasure that freedom! We live in the country, and I really mean it! Most that visit agree with the term “middle of nowhere.” We have an older home on 5 acres, and love DIY projects! Prince Charming is a master certified mechanic, and we own and operate an auto repair shop together. He is in the shop every day, and I do all the “behind the scenes” work like accounting, advertising, human resources, etc. Our faith in the Lord is central to everything we do. We live a full life!