The prayer God answered in the most unexpected way

I was sitting in a jail cell. Alone. When I arrived, the cell had urine stains all over it. I was in the deepest anguish I have ever been in. I had been wrongly accused, and it felt like I was in the middle of a horror film. When I walked up to have my mug shot taken, the officer looked at me and said, “You don’t belong here do you?” I replied with my head hung low, “No, no, I don’t.” I remember taking the little wash cloth they gave me along with the tiny bit of soap to clean an area for me to sit. I sat, and I wept. I wailed. I cried out to God. I was allowed to try and contact one person, and no one that I knew in all my social circles would answer the phone that night or accept a collect call. Alone doesn’t even seem to be a good word to describe what I felt. So I cried some more, until there were no tears left to cry. I bared my heart and soul to God on that concrete floor in a way I never have. 

You see all I ever wanted since I was a little girl was to fall in love with a Christian man, live in the country, have 12 kids and serve the Lord as a family. 

That isn’t quite how it went though. The man I ended up married to pretended for three years while he was trying to win my heart(and eventually he did) to be someone he wasn’t so that he could marry me. Another movie type experience. He led Sunday School, sang in the choir, mowed lawns for widows, provided transportation to poor children so they could go to church, took me skiing, hiking, the list goes on…..until the day we got married. Then a life began that I never knew could exist. Ten years later we divorced, and the divorce is what triggered the concocted story that put me in a jail cell. Thankfully, the judge released me immediately, and all charges were dropped. My dad picked me up from the jail that day, and I remember sitting in the waiting room….a gentleman came up to me with a tiny book entitled, “The Key to Happiness.” It was a book centered on the Gospel message of Jesus. As he gave it to me, he said, “It looks like you need this.” He couldn’t have been more right. I remember praying and crying out to the Lord the night before that I felt my heart had been pure all those years of dreaming of a Christian marriage, having babies, living in the country serving Him. I prayed that He would somehow answer that prayer for me in my future. Little did I know six months later, I would meet up with Prince Charming.

To give a little of the back story: I was his first love in high school and never fully knew it. We got separated after he graduated and went to tech school, and I finished high school. 

I never expected God to answer my prayer in the way He did. I was working at a nursing home, and going to nursing school full time. I was a single mom, trying to make ends meet financially. I had no family support. My best friend stuck by me, and her and her husband were all I had. 

Prince Charming and I reconnected on an Internet dating site. I noticed his picture, and sent him a notification. Five months later we were married and expecting our first baby together. He embraced being a dad for my two girls, as if they were his own. It truly was a miraculous answer to prayer. 

Fast forward seven years….we are pregnant with baby #7, and it will be born around Christmas Day. We are deeper in love with each other today than we ever have been. We serve our Lord with all our hearts and we live in the country. Counting our two babies in heaven that we have lost in miscarriages, we are 4 kids away from having 12. 😍 Our story is one that sounds like a movie plot. Except, it’s not. I am so thankful to God for His ways, and how we answered my prayer in the most unexpected way. 

Summing it all up: God answers prayer. In order to get an answer to prayer though, you have to actually pray. I encourage you if you are struggling…to reach out and be transparent before the Lord. Cry out to Him. Allow Him to know your inmost thoughts. A life serving Him cannot be compared with any other life. 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀

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