Some matters of the heart and homemaking 

Life has been busy, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block…but alas here I am. 

We recently attended a homeschool conference which is always a blessing to us. It is a time of spiritual renewal and encouragement. It is not to say it is an easy thing to hop in the van with all the kiddos and drive 8 hours(for this specific conference…they aren’t all that far) to stay for a few days. But it is always worth it. I am thankful for a husband who values and advocates for these events. He leads our family well.

The conferences are sort of a reset time for me. I was challenged as a believer, wife and mom this week. The following are what’s on my heart to work on: 

  • To be more attentive to God’s promptings, and grow in compassion for those around me who need spiritual encouragement. 
  • Be more disciplined with my time management/make a schedule. 
  • Get back on track with my diet and exercise. 
  • Focus diligently on child training.
  • Work hard to establish date nights with Prince Charming. 

I got a few books while we were at the conference and this one is the one I started with first: 

    Since the beginning of our marriage we have lived in the middle of nowhere. As a family we love to have people over. It was just really hard where we were because it seemed to be a real burden for people to come. Now that we are in an area where we are closer to town, I am looking forward to embracing a life of hospitality..inviting, sharing, giving and welcoming people of all walks of life into our home. This book puts hospitality so beautifully by saying the Christian family practicing hospitality is really nothing more than a miraculous work. I hope to do a more detailed post on this in the future to encourage my readers in this area. 

    15 weeks! I am now 15 weeks along with our precious Christmas baby! The pregnancy is going well, and I am feeling pretty good with the exception of some fatigue in the evening times. I am proud of my “baby bump.” 😀 There is no greater joy for me than having the opportunity to grow a new life. 

    Moving in. A couple weeks ago, my sister and her kids came to help us move into our house. I cannot tell you how helpful they were. All through this process, God has brought amazing people to come alongside us and bless us in this moving journey. We shared a nice lunch together midday in our new home. 

    New neighbors. The ONE thing about moving that was difficult for me personally was leaving our precious neighbors. Over the last 7 years, I had grown to love all the neighbors on our mile long gravel driveway. The sharing of gardening advice, Christmas goodies, a neighbor that nurtured my daughters love of horses, leaving them was hard for me. I felt very safe and secure there. When we moved into our new house, I had no knowledge of the neighborhood, the area, nothing. It was one of those experiences where I put my trust in the Lord and followed the leading of my wonderful husband. The final decision was his of where we were to be. I believe that was how God intended it for us. Of course I gave my input and thoughts….but for this specific house, I had the peace in my heart to trust Prince Charming’s decision. The awesome thing that happened last weekend was our neighbors came with fresh picked fruit and welcomed us to the neighborhood. They were wonderful! I was so blessed by their hospitality. 

    Making a house a home. Now we are in the midst of unpacking. 

    I am making decision after decision of where to put things. Making a house a home is definitely a work of the heart. Our home is a sanctuary for our family. We want each member of the family to feel loved, wanted and special, as well as those who visit. My desire is that our home reflects the love of God. 

    Summing it all up: In times of transition it can be difficult to have consistency. I am anxious after our travels to settle back into routine and balance. I encourage you today to find a new routine with activities and routines that will draw you closer to the Lord and those you love. Maybe you haven’t been to church in awhile, or maybe you’ve been focused on extra curricular activities and haven’t had a chance to read your Bible the last few days, whatever the case….don’t take your days for granted. Each one is a gift from God. 

    May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀 

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