12 weeks! 

We made it to the 12 week mark of this pregnancy! This was the point I miscarried with my last pregnancy in January, and I will be anxious to be in the 2nd trimester this time. My belly is growing, and this week I felt the first little flutters of the baby! Such a special feeling! I puked for the first time yesterday! I waited a little too long before eating breakfast, and boy did I pay for it. Other than my first pregnancy, in which I puked the entire first trimester….I have only puked once per pregnancy after. So I am hoping that was it for this one! Lol! 

I have been diligent to keep my iron levels up, and my go to supplement is this one: 

It is a high quality iron supplement that actually works amazingly well with the body. It was one of the best recommendations my midwife has given me. 

I am thinking the baby is a girl, but only time will tell! 😀 We have been tossing around a few baby names which is always fun for the whole family. 

We move into our new house in two weeks and we are so excited! 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀 

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