Undeserved provision 

Early on in our marriage, Prince Charming and I watched a DVD seminar on biblical living and finances. It played a huge role in the changes we made early on in our life together. We have experienced hard times and times of blessing, but in both, the reality is everything we have is God’s. We are managers of what He has so graciously given. We don’t deserve or have rights to anything…only what God has willed for us. I don’t have a written journal of all the situations and circumstances that we have experienced in this area, but I wanted to start. 

Just to be clear I wanted to give the guidelines we financially adhere to first. 

1. Tithe. It is biblical for Christians to tithe. I know there is debate about the percentages that God distinguished in his Word in the Old Testament and the New Testament and how much a tithe should be. As believers, we have to read the Bible individually, and as a couples…and follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance on the tithe. It should be done cheerfully, and from a sincere and humble heart to the Lord for what He has provided. I believe the beginning point is a tenth. 

2. Give. I am not talking about the tithe for this. This is after and above that. It is specifically guided by the Holy Spirit. For us, God guides it regularly but we never know in advance or plan for it. I will provide one example as an encouragement only. I have prayed about whether or not to even share an example. The reason being is this giving is intentionally private in most cases. One day at a sit-down restaurant the Lord prompted us to give the waitress a $100 tip. We didn’t know why or anything about her circumstances. We just felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We returned about six months later, and the restaurant had shut down. We didn’t know the day we left the tip her job there would be ending in six months, but God did. Our faith is always blessed when we are open to giving as the Lord directs. 

3. No debt. We purposed before we got married to get out of debt. After about 5 years, we became debt free. 

The following are three examples of God’s blessing of recent undeserved provision we experienced as a family.

  1. Health insurance. When we sold our business our health insurance ended abruptly. We had 7 days to figure out new insurance with the fact we were expecting a baby. I won’t go into all the details, but God miraculously led us to be able to find insurance on the last day possible with 10 hours to spare to get the application faxed in. We realize health insurance may seem trivial, and in some ways I guess it might be. I am thankful for the blessing of God’s provision in this area, and that we had no lapse in coverage and were approved. 
  2. Our van. I won’t write all the details of how our van came to be in this post since I’ve mentioned it in previous posts….God blessed us with our van and it is undeserved provision. 
  3. Dining table for 12. We have been on the lookout for a dining table for 4 years. We knew we would outgrow our table after we found out we were expecting baby #5. We have just been pulling up chairs and squishing in for family dinners all the while searching. New tables are unbelievably expensive, and those prices were not feasible for us. So, we have just waited and looked. Today we found a used table that will seat 12 and it comes with the chairs! The price was less than a quarter of the new ones. It is just a real blessing for us. The history of the table is also important to note. The owner is 87 years old, and she hosted her kids and grandkids to eat around it every single Sunday. What a heritage! I’m looking forward to sitting around it with our own family in our new home. Again, another example of undeserved provision. We are so thankful. 

Our prayer in all of this is to honor our Lord with all that we are and with all that has been given to us. We know at any moment anything we have could be gone should the Lord will it. Things can be tough with a large family in the area of finances and resources. Our society is generally hostile to large families. Our tax system is not supportive to families. However, I know God provides for His children. Whether in times of plenty or in times of need, His provision is constant. You can trust Him for it. 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today. 😀

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