Roles in marriage Part 2

In Part 1 I shared some of the struggles I believe are happening to the mix up of roles in marriage. I believe much of it is related to the culture, and I would like to share some hopefully helpful suggestions for wives to restore biblical roles which in turn will benefit the whole family. 

1. Make the Lord the focus of your heart, marriage and family. When God is at the center, you have the right foundation. Determine to make all of your decisions in light of His word. 

2. Read the Bible. It is impossible for a wife to follow and live according to God’s word without reading it. Read it daily. 

3. Pray. There is power in prayer! Please, please don’t neglect this important activity in your life, marriage and family. Prayer moves the hand of God in ways you will be amazed by! 

4. Respect, love, and support your husband. Your husband needs you more than you know. You have a significant amount of influence in his life. Determine to be a blessing to him. Encourage him, flirt with him, and forgive him when he fails. Work with him in the areas of weakness to overcome and become stronger. 

5. Be a devoted mother. Seek God and talk with your husband about setting aside each and every activity that hinders you from being a devoted mother to your children.   

6. Keep life simple, and set boundaries. The temptation in today’s society is to be signed up, to show up and take up all sorts of activities that make life unbelievably complicated. Again, with the help of the Holy Spirit and your husband, purpose to make life simpler. This will allow you more time to be fully “present” with your husband and children. 

7. Seek out biblical discipleship. Whether it be at your local church, your own mother or a trusted godly friend, don’t go it alone. Seek the wisdom of other biblical women in your life. 

8. Keep church attendance a priority. The church is where we meet with the family of God. It will be a huge blessing to you and your family. 

9. Be diligent in making your home a place of God’s love. Home is an important place for the family, and when your home is a place of God’s love, life transformational work transpires in he hearts that live there. 

10. Be a woman of character, integrity and honesty. 

I know there are some complex situations in families today. However, I believe if you put into practice these suggestions, you will see beautiful blessings in your life, marriage and family for years to come. 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀

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