Expect the unexpected 

First, I am 7 weeks pregnant now. We haven’t made any formal announcements yet, and not because we aren’t over the moon excited for this little one!! We are a bit discombobbled(if that’s a word), and trying to get organized enough to take a cute picture to announce it. So, my faithful readers, which really are not many….will get to know first(other than the other special people in our lives that we have told). 😀 I am feeling pretty good. The nausea comes and goes as expected. I try to keep up with protein and snacks to avoid it. So far, so good. I am dealing with a bit of fatigue, but nothing out of the ordinary when pregnant. 

We are desperately seeking the Lord right now for His direction for our life. Things have not gone as we had expected, so it has been a bit difficult. 

Everything in our life is changing and not just a little bit. It is in a huge way. I’m emotional of course. I’m missing my dad like crazy. Wishing so bad I could call him for some direction and wisdom in this roller coaster we are in. He must have had them himself at one point or another. Even just hearing his voice would cheer me up. 

I’m always amazed though, how God works things out. The people that He puts in my life. I am so so grateful. We aren’t meant to do life alone. A big part of this move was to follow and serve the Lord in a new way than we have been. It was also to go to a new place for spiritual growth in love in and amongst His people. Thankfully, with technology, we are able to stay in close contact with the dear friends we left. 

In fact, I was so excited to get a phone call today from one of those dear friends. I get giddy when friends call me. It’s almost a rare thing anymore for people to actually pick up the phone and call for a real conversation. My love language is verbal, so it is a blessing to have friends to share that with. 

Homeschooling has been another blessing, as usual, in this transition. Our kids have learned so much about real estate! They are proficient in house hunting, what it means to make an offer, and they are learning first hand how to negotiate. All very important skills in life. 

We said goodbye to our Nissan NV today. It was deemed a lemon after a year long water leak that was unable to be fixed. We were AMAZED at how well Nissan took care of us. So even our vehicle is changing! We will be on the lookout for a new to us van soon. I have loved everything about the Nissan. We will see where God guides us for our next vehicle. 

I will be so ready to be settled again. We are on the adventure of a lifetime for sure, but my faith is strong. I encourage you to put your faith in Jesus, He is the way the truth and the life, and THAT is GOOD NEWS! We are truly walking by faith. 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀

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