What we saw in Texas

We went to Texas after Prince Charming felt the Holy Spirit prompting us to “just go see.” We loved Texas. I didn’t particularly get the feeling I would love the heat for the long term. I did feel the the other things I loved in Texas outweighed the negatives of the heat. The following is what I loved about Texas. 

1. When you hear about Southern hospitality, it’s a REAL THING! I have never been in the South. I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the Southern hospitality. And I mean BLOWN AWAY! The hotel manager brought our kids Easter treats. They got free pizza when we went to a store to pick up a couple things. They were given suckers at another store when one of the kiddos stubbed her toe. The realtor was AMAZING! She was a perfect stranger. I found her on Zillow. I called her on our way down. I asked her if there were any houses that met our criteria. She was so friendly, so kind, and exceptionally professional. She encouraged us to “go home and pray.” I would move there just for the hospitality alone. 
2. Christian music plays in public venues. It was such a delight to walk into places and hear the uplifting music play over the speakers.

3. The city we were looking at relocating to operates with debt free principles. Our country as a whole operates under the weight of unbelievable amounts of debt. It was nice to see a city take the wise approach to financial stewardship. 

4. Plenty of churches. You don’t have to worry about finding a church home. There is one nearly on every corner. 

5. Land is reasonably priced. The places we looked at were much more affordable than the PNW. 

6. Gardening seems like it would be farely easy to do there! Since I am not experienced yet, I can’t say for 100% sure….but with the heat, I would expect the gardening to be much easier than what I’m used to with a very short growing season.  

7. Texas homeschooling laws allow 100% freedom! We have good homeschooling laws in the PNW, but Texas has even better ones. 

8. No state income tax. There are very few states left in the nation that do not have income tax. 

9. The medical care in the part of Texas we were in is some of the best care in the nation. 

10. The music education is top notch! They have some incredibly talented music teachers with impressive resumes. For us, music lessons are a must. So having top notch teachers was really enticing. 

All in all we loved Texas. We did come to the conclusion that we are not able to relocate there at this time because of reasons out of our control…..but we are so happy we went and look forward to going back! 

This relocation process has been quite the incredible experience. This mama is definitely looking forward to when we are settled again! I have been convicted about the issue of contentment big time in this moving experience. I have had to ask forgiveness for my past discontentment. I am purposing to overcome this weakness with God’s help. 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀

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