Grandma’s house! 

Before heading back to the PNW, we decided to stop and visit Grandma in Wisconsin. We also got to see my sister in law and my sweet nieces and nephew! We had a wonderful time. 

Grandma made us a home made bacon and egg breakfast the first morning. It was a very welcomed breakfast after so many days on the road! 

We visited throughout the day, and grandma made a WONDERFUL fried chicken and mashed taters dinner! 

It had been about three years since I had seen my sister in law, and I was just thrilled to get to have a visit with her! 

We met 20 years ago on a missions trip to Romania. She met my brother on a visit to see me following our trip to Romania, and a few years later, they were married. If there ever were kindred spirits, that’s what we share. 

Our kids love spending time together. Cousins share a neat friendship. I was so glad the kids got to visit and see each other! 

And the bonus was haircuts for all the girls! 😉 We were all due for a trim! 

Grandma’s house is definitely a favorite for the grandkids! 

Now we are headed back to the PNW, knowing our Father in heaven is leading us and going before us. In the days to come, we have many changes we will be going through. I am thankful for our close knit family, and how we really do have grace and love for one another each and every day.  

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀 

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