Easter 2017 

Our Easter this year was one to remember for many years to come. We decided to take more time and head up to visit the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum! It just so happened with the timing of things, we visited the Ark Encounter on Easter Sunday. It was such a neat experience. The spiritual significance to it was a comfort to my soul. The magnitude of truth displayed at the Ark Encounter for all to see challenged me on a personal level to display my faith in a similar way. God does BIG things with our lives if we simply trust in Him and obey. 

I was blessed as a mom to watch my children’s reactions at the Ark Encounter. They took in every part of it and were inspired. 

It is hard to put into words just how renewing it was to my faith to see the Ark Encounter. This picture is more descriptive of the feelings that were inside me. 

God deserves all our praise. He has a plan for our future. He provides for us! He is working out all the details of our lives as believers for an eternity spent together with Him! I am in awe. Prince Charming have grown so much in our faith since the beginning of our relationship. I am so thankful to be walking together side by side raising our children in fear of the Lord. Exhibits like the Ark Encounter are a wonderful encouragement to us as parents. 

We were reminded of God’s intimate working in our lives with the timing of this visit being on Easter. I am so humbled by the amazing love of God. 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀 

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