Just Go See

It has been quite the intense weekend. And if you’ve been keeping up, we thought we knew the direction we were headed. Buying land, building, and starting a new business up North. 

All of those plans have seemed to have unraveled in a hurry. Like a big hurry. I could ramble on about all the details, but I will spare my readers. The main idea is we have worked hard to go in the direction we’ve been going. I’ll share a few of my thoughts. Making a fresh start in life in a completely new community is difficult. Add low inventory of homes on the market and it is even more difficult. Add the conviction to not go into debt, yet more difficult. Our idea was then to rent until we could build on land. Well, that brought about a new set of difficulties. No one wants to rent to a family of 8. I get it. Kids are hard on houses. As much as I think I watch my kids, life still happens…and they are still kids. Add a dog into the mix, and landlords despise pets as well. So after several rejections because we have a large family, it just didn’t feel good. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. It didn’t help we were driving by the Planned Parenthood center where the protestors were making either their opposition or support of the place known. More tears came as the thought of losing our precious baby boy surfaced-knowing so many dispose of their babies at the same age Isaac was, alive with beating hearts- in those centers. And to add further grief, it was the anniversary of my dads death. I am feeling so desperate of his advice right now. And the tears just sting! I miss him! I’m sad we aren’t still pregnant with our baby. 

We are simply following the Lord’s leading, even though it’s not what we originally thought would happen. I’ve been sharing my frustrations with my best friend in Romania because I know she understands me. She gives wonderful encouragement, and these are the verses she gave me. Exodus 14:13-14 

So as Saturday progressed, we looked at another house for sale since we had traveled North to try and continue the progress of plans. The house was in a neighborhood, and it was actually good size. I told Prince Charming it would work. He said, “what about your garden?” I told him I could let it go. 

Then the Lord began to speak to him about Texas. He said he just felt him saying “Just go see.” So we left to go back home and get packed. We left and are now on a road trip to Texas. 

Relocation isn’t what I thought it would be. It has tested us in so many ways. In America, the system is designed to live under the burden of debt, payments, and contracts. It isn’t easy taking the opposite path. 

We are at peace though. Freedom in the Lord doesn’t compare to any other thing on earth. I’m hoping to blog as we go. 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today. 😀

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