Keeping my world small 

In a day and age where news and information spread literally faster than a wildfire, I have chosen a different path. I enjoy a little social media on Instagram with approved followers and I receive much encouragement from the ones I follow. Other than that, I keep my world small. I don’t seek out hundreds of friends on Facebook for advice, I actually rarely log into my Facebook account. I don’t use Twitter. 

My focus is on our Lord, my husband, children and the responsibilities that go with running a business….and real life relationships. I love when the phone rings, it means an actual live conversation with someone! I don’t send it to voicemail. I love when the neighbors stop in their cars as they pass by when we are walking the mile long driveway to chat for a half hour. I treasure the times when people are willing to come out to the middle of nowhere to visit in person. On the rare occasion our family of 8 is invited somewhere, we make our best effort to say yes. 

I share our major life events on Facebook; I do want our light to shine. I love people. There is just so much garbage out there in the Internet world/social media world, etc… I don’t want to be distracted/influenced by all that. I purpose to keep my world small, focusing on what the Lord has given me. 

As we continue to prepare for our big move, I am taking some time to think and pray over the future. We want to be a blessing and encouragement to our new “small world” community. 

These years of home keeping, raising children, homeschooling, passing down life skills to each of our kids, discipling them in biblical principles, all the things that go along with running a family business, and the numerous other things life throws at us….those things require a great deal of focus in and of themselves. 

I know God could always turn our world upside down and put us in a front and center venue, but for this season I am thankful where we are and where we are going. 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀 

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