Sale pending

We got our house on the market, and it was an unbelievable amount of work. From pressure washing the patio in the snow to leaving town for the painters to paint, it was crazy busy. We got it done, and the house was on the market and sale pending within 4 days(3 if you want to get technical. 😉) That means we have exactly six weeks to find a new home, and move. 

The place we are moving to is the opposite end of our beautiful state, six hours North to be exact. We have made several trips praying and hoping certain properties/homes would be “the one.” So far, none have panned out. We are back to square one. Am I worried? Not at all. Am I focused and pretty much relentless in looking for properties/homes that might be a possibility? A RESOUNDING, YES! 

We know this is the path God wants for us, and we are literally walking by faith every step of the way. We are moving into an area which is a much higher priced market than what we are moving from. We have heard suggestion upon suggestion to go into debt to make up for the “difference” for a similar property/home. We are remaining steadfast in our conviction to remain debt free, and we trust God already has the right place lined up for the right time for us to move.

I am looking forward to being through this transition period, but at the same time treasuring each day as they are numbered in our current home. I don’t even know how to sum up the 6.5 years of our family life in this house. So.much.has.transpired. 

The most important thing I will take from living here (aside from the babies and love shared) is the journey of my faith in Jesus. I was a broken woman when Prince Charming and I got married. The quiet of being in the middle of nowhere has helped me to hear His sweet and quiet and precious voice. The mornings spent in prayer and reading my Bible while sitting on the deck taking in the beautiful view. It has been a precious place to heal, grow and become rooted in the Gospel. 

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