Just say no to comparison…..say yes to discipleship 

Comparison, envy, jealousy, covetousness, etc…it is a trap. Especially  in Christian circles. Social media is a big breeding ground for it. But that does not have to be a way of life. I want to encourage you today as a woman to “JUST SAY NO TO COMPARISON.” I am not going into detail about the why’s and how’s of how destructive it is to one’s life, JUST SAY NO TO IT. 

If you are scrolling through your social media app of choice and you find yourself having jealous feelings, envy and the desire to throw yourself a pity party…unfollow, turn it off, delete it if need be. Don’t let yourself go there. It will ROB YOU OF YOUR JOY AND CHRISTIAN LOVE. 

Discipleship on the other hand is a precious matter and so very important. I haven’t been able to attend church in a couple months with the snow storms we had, then I was suffering from morning sickness, and then the healing from the blood loss from the miscarriage. What has been happening in those two months though despite all I’ve been through, is discipleship! I feel like my faith has grown leaps and bounds. The Lord has been stirring within me a desire to help other women in discipleship. I believe there is a real lack of support for women to embrace biblical Christianity. I have been praying for God to open doors for me to be able to disciple women. 

I want to give you 3 tips that have helped me immensely as I have grown as a disciple. 

1. Read the Bible. DO NOT, and I REPEAT, do not substitute ANYTHING else for it. Read it daily. Meditate on what you read before you go to sleep at night. Let it renew your mind. 

2. Use DISCERNMENT. Since Bible reading is number one, and you will be focusing on the pure truths of God by reading it, you will then be able to practice DISCERNMENT. This is so very important to discipleship. Being able to discern evil from good, what is false from what is truth, and recognizing it RIGHT AWAY, and turning from evil is key! 

3. Pray. Don’t neglect how important it is to pray. Prayer is what moves the hand of God. PLEASE do not go through life without hope in this area. Go into your closet much like you would record a you tube video of yourself where no one can hear you, and PRAY OUT LOUD. 

Discipleship has not come easy for me. I live in the middle of nowhere, have a large family, have been pregnant or nursing for six years, reached out and hosted dozens of people to try and establish connections, and a sense of community has been difficult to develop. We have no family close to where we live. I have felt at times there is something wrong with me that no matter how hard I tried, others simply weren’t interested in having a relationship with me like I was with them. 

My divorce is a part of my past, and at one point in a Sunday school class, someone said they felt a person who was divorced and remarried were living the life of an adulterer. The comment hurt me so deeply. I felt like I was swimming upstream to try and grow in my faith. But I kept pressing on with those three key points…and continue to. We cannot give up. That is what our enemy is out to get us to do. I won’t give up. 

Other things that have helped me immensely are podcasts, books, other Christian bloggers, and some really wonderful women I have met through Instagram. 

Don’t fall into the mold of comparing your life to all of those you see on social media. You have a special purpose that WILL NOT look like anyone else’s! Be ever so diligent in listening to God through reading His word and hearing the Holy Spirit. He absolutely will meet you where you are. As you start to realize much of discipleship comes through obedience and love, be QUICK to throw away the things that don’t line up with God’s word in your life. I think I have had three different sessions over the last six years as I have said goodbye to the “old self” and purposed to obey Jesus. In those sessions, I have thrown stuff away or tossed them on the burn pile.  

Fill your life and home with reminders that point you to Jesus. Hang Bible verses on the wall that have special meaning to you. Very recently I listened to a sermon by Dr. Jobe Martin. He spoke about keeping a shelf of items from the miracles that have taken place in your life. When God does a miracle, something special or very specific, keep an item from that event and place it on a shelf that only holds items of those testimonies. It is a beautiful way to teach your children and to remember regularly how God has intimately been involved in your life. 

I love to share with women, to hear from them, to spur one another on toward love and good deeds! I pray this post is an encouragement to you. 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 

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