A mind full

My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts right now. I feel so bad for Prince Charming when my mind is so full of so many details. He is ever so patient to always listen to me pour my heart out. It’s one of the most favorite things I adore about him. He’s such a good listener. Do you ever feel like if you add another thing to your mind to think about, your head may very well tip you over from the weight of your thoughts? That’s how it is for me, especially in the beginning of pregnancy. My mind just tends to fill up with all sorts of things. Being a mom of six(soon to be 7), I have much to think about in the care and upbringing of them all. Here are a few of my random thoughts. 

  • The end of the year bookkeeping is quickly approaching. Not that it’s hard, just takes some time to get it all just so. 
  • Looking forward to a wonderful time at my sister’s wedding. Bring on the good food and celebrating!
  • Morning sickness is hitting me like a freight train at times. I will be fine one minute, and the next minute it’s all I can do to keep everything in me where it should be digesting. 
  • The new family focus theme for the year is soon to be decided. Looking forward to how the Lord leads Prince Charming this time. 
  • Trying to make grand plans for my garden. Hoping I can have success this year. 
  • Praying the fruit trees I planted make it and survive.
  • The chickens are braving the super cold temps like champs so far, and I hope they continue to do well. I have a heat lamp in their coop…hoping it is sufficient. 
  • Need to get my Christmas cards out this week. 
  • Goodies for the neighbors are on the agenda. This is one of our favorite activities. 
  • My oldest is turning 12 on New Year’s Day! Where has the time gone?!? She is such a blessing to our family. 
  • My two year old in a matter of a quiet minute, cut her hair. I fixed it as good as it can be fixed for now. It will just need time to grow. Sigh. 
  • Need to finish furnishing my new home office. I’m going to really enjoy having that space updated and more organized. 
  • Working on tweaking the home school schedule a bit with the kids after New Year’s 
  • Cannot wait for the new coffee table to get here that will go in the living room. It is going to be a real asset to family life. Here is a picture of it for those who will indulge me. 😍 
  • My mom’s been here for a couple weeks now, and it will be sad when she has to fly home on New Year’s. She’s been helping me so much. 
  • I’m needing to find a new provider for this pregnancy. Unfortunately, it is easier to find a midwife for a home birth in our area than for a hospital birth. Since I am delivering VBAC now for the 5th time, I still prefer to be in a hospital for my deliveries. 
  • Need to put another package together to send to our friends in Romania. Shipments go out once a month, and we are soon due for the next one. 😀 
  • Need to get going on making plans for our vacation to see the Ark Encounter. We are going to have so much fun! 
  • It’s been so exciting to see our 5 year old progress in her phonics. She is going to be reading like a champ by the end of the school year, and she can’t wait! Here’s a picture of reading time with the two of us. 😀
  • Eye and dental appointments are on the horizon. We have one who might need glasses. And gotta love those dental appointments. Ugh. At least it’s not a root canal. 
  • Contemplating a monthly moms group/Bible study at our house. Still praying about it. It’s hard being so far out in the country to try and get together with other women. Our church is an hour away now, and we love it….but having something more local here might be kinda fun. We will see how God leads. 
  • Baby names. Always fun to mull them over when we are expecting. 

I will close for now, but as you can see with a few of my random thoughts….our life is quite full! 😀 God has so richly blessed me, and for that I will forever be grateful. It isn’t without pain, hard times and difficult circumstances. The light of God will always shine in the darkness. No matter what is going on, that light can be seen and felt. Life is a gift, it is precious, and each day may we seek to bring our Lord the glory He deserves. 
May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😍

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