Being prepared and having margin 

Today’s post is about being prepared and having margin. Here is what I’ve discovered for me in this season of asking God to guide and lead. I need to BE PREPARED and BUILD IN MARGIN. 


God is the only one who knows our future. I recently asked our violin teacher if she could give me lessons along with the kids. I didn’t expect to hear the reply I got when we were working out the scheduling of lesson times. She told me of her husband’s recent Stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis. The flood of compassion I felt as I processed the news brought tears to my eyes. At my second lesson we spent the entire time sharing. She told me how she had gone through some transformational experiences in her relationship with God over the last year, and that is how she is able to cope with this devastating reality of potentially losing her best friend, lover and the papa to her girls sooner than she ever could have imagined. As a family they are walking the most difficult road, and at the same time God is with them and it is evident. 

Life is uncertain. The only certain thing is how we choose to spend our eternity. May we take that decision seriously, and if you don’t know Jesus today, I am praying you will be transformed by a new faith in Him. Having the right foundation is vital to being prepared for the storms that come our way. Being purposeful about being prepared has numerous benefits. I do not know specifically what I am preparing for, but God has a way of using ordinary people to do extraordinary tasks. God might keep us where we are, or maybe He will move us across the world. He is stirring our hearts for service and ministry, and it is exciting. Here are three ways I am currently preparing. 

  1. Being content and thankful for where I am today, and looking forward to the things God has in store for our future. 
  2. Teaching and training our children with new insight and guidance from the Lord. This has translated into a new routine of “Morning Time.” (I will post specifics about this later) 
  3. Praying and asking God each day, “Who do you have for me today, Lord?” (This has been truly transformational for me, and I can’t wait to share more details later as well.) 


I like to listen to sermons online and podcasts that encourage me in my faith. Recently, I listened to a message by my old hometown pastor. He spoke about margin. Prince Charming and I have conversations about the direction our life from time to time. One of the questions we ask ourselves is, should we do more? Another one is, are we using our talents and gifts to the best of our ability? After hearing the message on margin, God spoke to my heart. We (Our Family) HAVE TO CONTINUE TO HAVE MARGIN. That means we need to have a lifestyle that ALLOWS us to be used by God aside from programmed services, studies and activities. If our schedule is so cram packed full, there isn’t the possibility to meet urgent needs of others that God brings our way. We have the freedom to say yes to people. As a result we see and know that when we leave margin in our lives, God will bring people and circumstances unexpectedly for us to serve and help. For the purpose of encouraging my readers, I will share a couple of the examples of how it has played out. Recently, Cris’s grandma broke her arm. She is in her 80’s, and we were VERY concerned about her. We decided to make the two hour drive a priority to see her as a family. My sister was unable to pick up my mom at the airport the other day when an important meeting got unexpectedly rescheduled. Because we had margin, we were happy for the change in plans, and got to pick her up. The kids were over the moon excited. It has also been a blessing to have margin to offer to make and drop off meals to our loved ones who need them at different times. Hosting friends and family for a week or month at a time is ALWAYS a treat, and it’s another way building margin into our lives has allowed such freedom. Just today, my cousin messaged me they want to visit us this weekend. Margin allowed for me to say YES, come! One day a family who was living in their Motorhome was broke down and needed some help. It was on a day when we were planning to head out of town to go to the coast. We had a few hours of margin, and Prince Charming was able to take the time to go and help before we left. We can’t always do all the things everywhere, but we are generally open and God has used that openness and blessed us beyond measure. 

I pray this post has been an encouragement to you. Seeing how God brings about His divine appointments is an encouragement to continued growth in our faith. I would love to hear how God has worked in your life through different ways you’ve prepared or allowed margin for the unexpected.

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀

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