The Christmas season 

The Christmas season is here! We are getting excited! This season is so very precious to us because we are not celebrating for the sake of celebrating. There is something far deeper that IS the very PURPOSE of the season. The REASON for the SEASON. We proudly wish others a MERRY CHRISTMAS! We don’t hide behind our faith this time of year. We embrace it because it is the most important gift of all. Jesus came as a baby for the salvation of all who would believe. 

Here is a list of the things we incorporate into our celebrating this beautiful season of love: 

1. Decorate. We put lights up all around the house. And it is so pretty! I put lights up around the kitchen cabinets, around the banister in the living room, around the deck railing. Every year I try to do something new. We put up a tree. We have little things that I have picked up on sale or at Goodwill that go up. We also have a Velcro hanging countdown thing that the kids enjoy. 

2. Advent devotional. We are using one from Doorposts this year. You can find it HERE

3. Christmas tea. The girls and I will get to enjoy a special time together attending a high tea at a local farm, and my mom and sister and nieces might get to join us. 

4. Driving around seeing Christmas lights. This is always a treat! There are some beautiful displays. 

5. Portland International Raceway. We have a blast going through their Christmas light display! 

6. Zoo lights. We try to go to this every other year. It is VERY COOL to see how they deck the place out and to see the animals amongst it all. 

7. The Grotto. We LOVE the Grotto. 

8. Practice Hospitality. One year our friends from Romania stayed for a couple months. This year my mom will get to stay between my sister’s and our place for a month. We’ve had cousins come for New Year’s, we’ve had big New Years’ parties. We love having family and friends celebrate along with us. And since our firstborn is a New Year’s baby, we always get to celebrate her birthday with FIREWORKS! 😀 It’s a really fabulous time. 

9. Shows and performances. We like to take our kids to one show or performance at Christmas time. We’ve been to live nativities, big shows in Portland and church plays. A local theater is putting on Narnia this year. We may go to that one. Every year it’s different. 

10. Christmas Eve church service. We love the church service on Christmas Eve. It helps us all enter into a time of worshipful thanksgiving as we partake of communion, sing songs of worship, and hear an encouraging message the evening before Christmas. 

11. Trek up to the Gorge to celebrate with family. We generally always make a trip up to the Gorge to share a meal and exchange gifts with Prince Charming’s side of the family. We used to visit my dad at this time as well. It is difficult for me now that he is gone. 

12. Christmas Eve pajamas. Every Christmas Eve the kids are allowed to open a present, and it’s always a new pair of pajamas. It is a tradition my mom did with us, and I’m passing it along. The kids love it. 

13. Christmas Day Scripture reading. We read in Luke on Christmas Day, as a reminder of the beautiful gift of Jesus’ birth. 

14. The food on Christmas. We have done everything from Italian to Mexican to traditional turkey feast. Every year the theme is different, but we go all out whatever it is!  

15. Stockings. We don’t teach or incorporate Santa at all into Christmas, but as parents we fill their stockings the night before with little gifts and they open those last. 

16. Local Giving Christmas trees. We have done several different ones over the years. From the ones at church to the ones at the local elementary school. 

17. Christmas pictures. Every year we get family pictures done for the Christmas cards. This is a highlight for me as a mom. I love looking back on all of the ones we’ve done. 

18. Goodies for the neighbors. We prepare a range of goodies for our neighbors and  local fire and ambulance depts. 

19. Shopping. Prince Charming usually does this task for me, and I am so thankful he does!! From gifts to groceries, he’s always willing. I am one blessed wife. 

20. Togetherness. We sit down with our kids on Christmas morning, followed by extended family in the afternoon. We talk, eat, share and play games.  

We love this time of year. It is our favorite. What are your favorite traditions? 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀 

3 thoughts on “The Christmas season 

  1. I’m glad to see your blog back up, I enjoy reading it! 😊 Sounds like a wonderful month of Christmas celebrations are ahead of you & your family. We share many of the same traditions!


  2. I am thankful to have a mom like you! You do so many things for us and I just want to say thank you! I never really notice how much you do, but the list just keeps going! I love you so much, more than words can express


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