Bible reading plan 

It’s another rainy day here in the PNW. As my little ones were tucked in their cozy little places for nap/quiet time this afternoon, I started a new Bible reading plan. I like to start out my day with reading the Word, but sometimes mornings get a little chaotic depending on how the night went. On the days when I can’t read in the morning, I read in the quiet of the afternoon. Today was one of those days. 

I’m currently reading a book called Spiritual Disciplines. It is rich with wisdom. He talks about different ways to approach reading the Bible. I chose one of the plans he recommends. I know there are several of you that don’t really know where to start. If you decide to join me, please let me know! 

The plan is to READ AN EQUAL NUMBER OF CHAPTERS IN EACH OF THE FOLLOWING BOOKS: Genesis, Joshua, Job, Isaiah and Matthew. I am reading ONE CHAPTER IN EACH BOOK. 

The thing I took away from today’s reading was BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS! It comes from the first chapter of Joshua, and boy did I need to hear that. There are days where I don’t feel very strong OR courageous. That is why I love to read God’s word. It is what we all need in this life to know God and how to glorify Him. 

When I read the Bible, I like to journal along with it. Grab a .97 composition notebook from Wal Mart, and on the back page write out your current prayer concerns. (A couple on my list are: healing for my best friend’s daughter who has Type 1 Diabetes….for wisdom in teaching and training my children every day.) It helps to document your requests to see the amazing things God does in your life. In the front of the notebook, you can write out the things you learn or that God impresses on your heart for that day’s reading. There is another book that I have recommended in the past that makes devotions easy to journal about. 

It is on Amazon but is more costly than .97. You can find that HERE

Sometimes God will show you errors in your current way of living life. Sometimes you will be comforted by the blessings you’ve experienced by choosing to live out His principles. In either case, keep reading! It truly is our daily bread. 

I look forward to sharing how God is working on me through this reading plan!  I would also love to hear how it goes for you! 

May God be glorified in all the not so average mamas/ladies today! 😀 

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